How We Work

We help grow small and medium sized purpose-led enterprises.

We identify enterprises with solid impact and business models that need capital, consulting and connections to realise sales or other growth opportunities that will take their business to the next level, e.g. stock purchases, securing service contracts, new product innovation.


For those businesses that need capital to grow, Red Hat Impact works with these enterprises to structure appropriate financing deals and execution plans that will enable the business to take these opportunities. To date, we have mostly utilised short-term loan financing, though in some cases equity, long-term debt or even crowd funding may be more relevant.

For loans, we present these deals to impact investors, who provide the short-term loan capital required in return for commercial returns and impact outcomes. Post-investment through to final loan repayment, Red Hat Impact provides support to the enterprise to execute plans, meet repayment terms and achieve business success to ensure positive commercial outcomes for all parties — and ultimately achieve growth in the good for the world that the enterprise delivers.

See here for details on our current and upcoming capital deals, as well as deals that have been successfully repaid and completed.

Consulting & Advice

Many purpose-led enterprises find value in strategic advice and expert services, either delivered as part of a financing deal or as stand alone engagements. In all our capital deals, Red Hat Impact involves itself in our clients’ business, providing C-suite level support for finance, marketing, planning, impact, and strategy – whatever is required for the deal to succeed and the enterprise to grow. Outside financing deals, our clients access the same level of service and partnership through a monthly retainer.


A big part of business success is connecting with the right people at the right time. Red Hat Impact has an extensive network of connections across many sectors that it leverages to assist our clients.  In addition, we build relationships between our clients to support knowledge and expertise sharing, tackling of common business challenges, and mutual support.

Who We Are

Cameron Neil

Cameron is an entrepreneur and advisor with significant experience in sustainable and ethical supply chains, food and fashion industries, international development, social enterprise, organisational development, stakeholder engagement, impact investment and business strategy.

Cameron is co-founder and director of Red Hat Impact, providing founders, entrepreneurs and business managers with capital, consulting and connections to grow businesses with positive social and environmental impact. He is also co-founder and partner of Ethical Fields, a boutique agriculture and forestry consultancy. Ethical Fields is creating, building and advising businesses to blend social and technological innovation with new financing and investment approaches that benefit producers and their communities.

Paul Howorth

Paul is an entrepreneur, lawyer and strategist with more than 20 years experience in advisory consulting for development-related fields. He has frequently worked on the design of impact funding and financing programs for SMEs, especially in the indigenous development field. He also has great knowledge of international trade and investment, and how to make these work for impact.

Paul’s professional passion is helping the business world to lead and accelerate transformative action for the benefit of people and the planet. He is a co-founder of Red Hat Impact, a business that provides business support to impact SMEs through advice, capital raising and market connections. He is also a co-founder of Goodopoly, an emerging learning platform community for SMEs to help them much more affordably and straight-forwardly work on and do good through business.

His personal passions are travel, songwriting, meditation and running amok as often as possible with his partner and daughters.

David Carbines

David works with leaders and teams to make new things happen. Drawing on design thinking, business modelling and human centricity, he walks with people to imagine, articulate and achieve their goals.

With a diverse background spanning emergency disaster management (World Vision International), operational management (Aldi Stores) strategic consulting (Deloitte), startup incubation (The Difference Incubator) and enterprise digital transformation (Arup), David co-founded Red Hat Impact to help social enterprises grow and scale to financial sustainability.

David holds a Bachelors of Commerce (Economics), Arts (History and Development Studies) and Diploma of Music (Voice) from the University of Melbourne, and completed the altMBA16 in February 2018. He loves reading and playing guitar in breaks from renovating a weatherboard house.