Tiny Houses

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We came across the work of Andrew and Joop at Shacky through the Melbourne Accelerator Program, and really like their approach to tiny houses, regional development/income generation and digital detox in this hyperconnected age. Shacky provides beautiful tiny houses, a booking platform and support for people to host guests on their property in regional Victoria (and soon across Australia). They’re really well positioned in this age of eco-tourism and focus on wellbeing and self-care to enable beautiful experiences for hosts and guests alike.

Beyond knowing more about the tiny house itself, and some details on the process and financials, we’re excited about working with Shacky to unlock growth and enable tens and hundreds of Shackys to spring up across Australia and the world. With the financial backing of Red Hat Impact and our investors, we’d love to strengthen their offer to hosts and reduce the financial barriers to entry.

Please contact Red Hat Impact if you’re interested in working more closely with Shacky, and let us know where you’d like to see the next Shacky.

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