$3.1M invested

100 investors

21 impact businesses

60 loans

We help emerging impact enterprises, investors and organisations to collaborate, break through barriers and grow

If you’ve arrived here to work with us to raise an impact loan through the LendForGood crowd lending platfrom, simply click the LendForGood logo and complete our contact form

 If you have arrived here looking for info about the award winning Trade Finance Vehicle for Menstrual Health in the Pacific or the TFV 2.0 Project, click the logo above to go to the TFV 2.0 Project home page

For impact enterprises

If you are a business working on creating a positive social, environmental or cultural impact on the world then we call you an impact enterprise

And we can help you grow by providing you with capital and business support on attractive terms and rates

For impact investors

If you are an investor who wants to help emerging impact enterprises to grow their impact, join our growing network of impact investors

We provide a steady deal flow, outstanding deal performance and great returns using our syndicated commercial lending model (aka crowd-lending)

For impact organisations

If your organisation is working on solving problems to transform the way that capital and capital markets work for impact, we can help. We’ll bring to your side our thinking, knowledge, skills and experience gained from working at the pointy end of impact delivery

The award-winning Trade Finance Vehicle for Menstrual Health Enterprises in the Pacific is one example of our collaborative work.